Cosima Deluermoz
Switzerland - Lausanne
State of Vaud- Service de l'éducation physique et du sport - Delegate International Sport Relations

Head of International sport relations for the Canton de Vaud since 2007, Cosima Deluermoz is in charge of welcoming international sport federations and organisations in the region.

In this role, Ms. Deluermoz also actively assists in the organisation of international sports events and congresses. Recently, she contributed to the development of a new platform providing local organisers with tips on how to develop new sustainable habits in the delivery of their events:

She has been the personal advisor to the President of the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games “Lausanne 2020”, Ms. Virginie Faivre.

Finally, she in charge of strengthening the connections between the International Sport Federations based in the Canton de Vaud and the International Organisations based in the neighbouring Canton of Geneva.

Morning session 9:00-11:00 CET
October, 27 | 09:00 - 11:00 , Conference Room